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Guided Tours Pro is a Solution for Developers Who Need a Tool That:

  • Creates custom tours to train new users how to manage their website.
  • Showcases the features and benefits of using your platform.
  • Helps build tours quickly without coding. Our Tour Builder will have you creating tours in minutes without a single line of code.
  • Create “Website” & “Dashboard” tours to train customers on every aspect of using and managing their website.
  • Make unlimited tours! There are no limits on what you might want to explain. Do you keep getting the same support questions over and over? Add a tour to clarify the process.
  • Add improved and simplified signup process experience via a custom setup wizard.
Now, your clients can easily understand what they need to do to create their ideal website. They’ll avoid the nerve-wracking frustration of clicking around the back-end of a website… just hoping they click the correct button to make the changes they need.

What Does Guided Tours Pro Mean for the Profitability of Your WaaS?

First impressions are everything.

Increase Adoption and Minimize Churn

If your customers sign up only to be overwhelmed by your network’s dashboard, they’re not likely to go through the process of learning the system and creating a custom site they can be proud of.

Simple and clear user on-boarding is critical to avoiding refund requests and user abandonment or your WaaS.

Happy Customers = Recurring Revenue

With Guided Tours Pro, you’ll be able to create a clear signup process and walk each user through the website customization process.

Providing your customers with clear guidance on how they can make the most of your platform will pave the way for happy subscribers and recurring revenue for your business.

Create Your First Tour In Less Than 5 Minutes

Getting started with your first tour couldn’t be easier.
  • Step 1 Create a Tour: Install Guided Tours Pro & create a new tour from your WordPress admin panel.
  • Step 2 Select Start Point: Name your tour, choose where on your site you want the tour to display, and which subscription plan the tour it’s relevant to.
  • Step 3 Add Steps: Select an element on your site and add instructions via a tooltip or dialog box.

That’s it! You’re all set. Now your users will see the tour at the time and location you specify, enabling them to be super successful using your platform.

Guided Tours Pro Most Powerful Features

Here are a few of Guided Tours Pro Features:

Unlimited Tours

Create unlimited tours to demonstrate as many features or use cases as you’d like.

The Right Info at the Right Time

Begin tours automatically after loading a page or when user clicks an element. Also users to close the tour early so they aren’t annoyed.

Create Tours for Specific Plans

Offer custom features to certain pricing tiers? Create a tour to demonstrate the differences.

Re-Arrange Steps After Creation

Didn’t get the flow perfect? No problem, simply rearrange the steps of your tour at any point.

Move at Your Own Pace

Users can move from step to step automatically, based on a duration of time of your choose, or you can wait until the user clicks the continue button.

Tooltip, Text, or Dialog

You can display the information in each step in the format that best suites your needs and aesthetics.

World Class Support & Free Updates

New software has a learning curve, but with Guided Tours Pro, you won’t waste your time searching for answers to your questions.

World Class Support

Each license includes world class email support for the duration of your license. Any time you get stuck, just send us an email, and a member of our support team will walk you, step by step, through exactly what you need to do to resolve your problem quickly and easily.

Free Updates

We constantly update and refine our software to ensure that it’s always compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Software updates are included at no extra cost for the duration of your license. Whenever we release a more powerful version of Guided Tours Pro, you’ll receive it right in your WordPress dashboard, at no charge, for the life of your license.

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

We understand that purchasing the tools to power your WaaS can be intimidating and overwhelming, so we’d like to make trying Guided Tours Pro a risk-free proposition.

Simply try it for the next 14 days to see for yourself if it really can help your customers have a better experience editing the content on their site.

If you decide it doesn’t perform as we say — or if you simply feel it’s not a good fit for your WaaS — just let us know before the 15th day, and we’ll promptly send you a full refund for your entire investment.

Start To Create the Perfect On-Boarding Experience

For your customers right now!

Get Guided Tours Pro Today

Are you ready to clarify your website building experience for customers by providing a walk through of exactly how your system works?

No other software can provide you with the customization features for your WaaS that Guided Tours Pro can.

Purchase your copy of Guided Tours Pro and by this time tomorrow, your new customers will be guided through entire setup process without struggling to understand what to do next!

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